The Usui system of Reiki is an ancient form of Japanese healing.

The word Reiki means universal life-force energy and the practise of Reiki as a therapy is a precise method of connecting this energy with the body's innate capacity to heal.

It's a gentle and hands on (non-invasive) therapy that is safe, enjoyable and holistic. It fuels the body's unique ability to heal and recover its own natural balance of health. 

Reiki is a complementary therapy that can safely and effectively used in conjunction with other treatment modalities as well as on its own.

What happens during a Reiki healing?

Reiki healings are given with you - the client - laying fully clothed on the massage table. I place my hands on the body in various positions and the energy is channelled through the crown of my head and is released from the palms of my hands, travelling to where it is needed in your body.

There is no manipulation or pressure, my hands remain still and the positions change every few minutes.

The energy is gentle and soft; some feel it as a tingling sensation, others feel warmth coming from my hands and going into the body. Each client is unique therefore no two sessions are the same. Each session is tailored for the specific needs of each individual on the day.

How long does a Reiki healing take?

The first full healing is usually one and a half hours long, while subsequent sessions normally take one hour.

To clients who have previously had a full healing with me and who do not require full sessions, a half hour treatment may be available. These mini sessions may be done either while you are sitting in a chair or lying on the massage table, depending on your needs at the time.

All treatments are given with the client fully clothed, the removal of shoes is required for lying on the massage table.

Safe and gentle

Reiki is safe for everyone, from babies to the elderly (animals also love Reiki energy). Most people are so deeply relaxed during a Reiki session they feel as if they are almost asleep, yet know what is happening around them.

Reiki principles

Just for Today
Do not worry

Just for Today
Do not anger

Just for Today
Be grateful for your blessings

Just for Today
Earn your living honestly

Just for Today
Be kind to every living thing