What a lovely lady. So on to it. Many thanks

Thanks Delamay. You gave me spot on practical advice about my car and it all worked out within few weeks. You solved my problem!   

Thank you so much for my card reading. Every cardI can very much relate to and you were spot on.  

I’ve had confirmation from Delamay, as to how my daughter Sorel is on the other side, she was incredibly accurate, and spot on with Sorel’s personality. I’ve loved this reading and hope to see more of Delamay in the future. Love Nina 

Wow that was amazing. I feel light and free with having had the Indian Head Massage, I felt it right through my body.    Thank you 

Delamay was very calming and soothing. Loved her energy and what she bought to the table. Thank you! 

Delamay is a genuine and kind professional. I found her offering (Reiki and Card Reading) positive, full with integrity and warmth. I felt that she genuinely cares for her clients and I have found my experience with Delamay delightful. I highly recommend Delamay to anyone.  

My reading with Delamay was as if she knew my inner ‘secrets’. It was so uncannily accurate and, also remarkably comforting to know that my journey is on track, and I can do it. Thanks.

Running a busy events management business, it’s important to plan some time out for myself. I was delighted to find Delamay who provides me with the perfect solution. We meet on a beautiful beach all year round and she gives me a simulating and relaxing Indian Head Massage.I feel refreshed and ready to cope with everything in my business and as a mother and wife. I highly recommend Delamay.  

I had a lovely, caring reading from Delamay. She has helped me to move forward in the kindest way, very positive. I felt so relaxed and excited what Delamay was telling me. Delamay has a wonderful gift working with the angels with lots of love and support. Thank you so much Delamay. You are my earth angel.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and know I have a battle on my hands which I will overcome. Thank you for my Reading I had a pleasant time.   

Enjoyed the Reading. Was very to the point. Great at explaining and elaborating on the cards. -  Almost felt like she knew intuitively what was happening in my life, very pleased. Thanks. 

Of all the Indian Head Massages I’ve had (I’m a big fan) Delamay's one is  definitely the best! 

I first meet Delamay early last year at her home, where she gave me my very first reading. This was an amazing first-time experience for me. I had recently lost my mum and was able to connect with her through Delamay, this left me feeling like a strong weight was lifted off my shoulders, and my life felt more open again. Thanks, Delamay. 

Ear Massage given by Delamay is deeply relaxing, Indian Head Massage is invigorating. Both offer effective stress relief, thanks Delamay. 

I have seen Delamay twice, and she’s helped me communicate and listen to my Dad who passed away 15 years ago.This has been very healing and helpful! I leave feeling light and wonderful…. I’ll be back.

Never having experienced spiritual healing of any kind before, I visited Delamay Rose Carpenter for a Reiki session very recently both unsure of what to expect and a little sceptical of the outcome or benefits... Delamay was very welcoming and reassuring, explaining fully how she would proceed and what sensations I may experience both during and after the visit. I left after 90 minutes feeling wonderfully relaxed and feeling great! I would recommend a visit to Delamay for treatment to anyone...........and have done! Thank you Delamay!   

Delamay is amazing. I have seen her twice in recent weeks for reiki healing and a reading and both have been amazingly beneficial to me.

I have had hip pain and with the healing combined with accupunture it is really helping. I also really enjoyed and loved my reading with Delamay, she makes you feel so comfortable and she has great clarity with her messages from spirit.

I was so surprised she even had a hand written message translated from spirit for me. Incredible and made me cry it was so on point!! I would highly recommend Delamay and look forward to having maintenance reiki done for my hip and definitely some readings in the future.

Thanks Delamay, you're awesome and your work absolutely comes from your heart.

A full Reiki Treatment with Delamay Rose left me feeling, calm, relaxed, focused and invigorated. I felt relieved of both physical pain and mental anguish. The feeling of wellbeing lasted for many days and I was eager to repeat the soothing of mind and body experience. As a natural healing method I would thoroughly recommend a Reiki Treatment with Delamay. 

My usual ‘psychic reader’ happened to be away today @ this expo, a blessing in disguise as I got to meet Delamay…. After my reading I felt peaceful and satisfied with the answers I was given her warmth and inner beauty truly shines through- Thank you Delamay, until our next reading. 

Went to Delamay for Reiki Treatment in hope she could relieve my lower back pain. My one and only treatment of ReikiI found to be relaxing and very soothing. Having pain relieved by Delamay my back held up brilliantly at dance practice the following day. 

I highly recommend Delamay for an intuitive reading. She is so warm and easy to talk to and everything she said really resonated. I will definitely be returning for another session at some stage. Thank you and many blessings. 

Delamay has a special gift for Channelling. Her messages are insightful and provide a way of looking at things in a new way. A session with Delamay is highly recommended. 

I highly recommend Delamay, her Card Reading was accurate and affirming, just what I needed. Thank you, 

Delamay gave a lot of peace to me in her reading.The Indian Head Massage was the best, much appreciated. Thank you and much love 

My learning experience with Ear Candling Class was relaxed. The hands-on lesson was extremely well organised, and easy to follow. There were soft, gentle organic sounds and I felt completely confident in Delamay's instruction and procedure. 

I have had the pleasure of Delamay’s gifts often over the years and have always come away Impressed and satisfied. My favourites are her Readings and Indian Head Massages, I highly recommend her.

I highly recommend Delamay’s Ear Candling Class. They are fun and informative. 

I have had the honour of receiving an Ear Massage, Indian Head Massage, Channelling and Card readings from Delamay. Her eclectic therapeutic modalities, her gentle presence, soothing touch, intuitive insight and clear compassionate channelling and card reading all combine to provide a comprehensive, uplifting and hope-filled experience. I will definitely be visiting Delamay regularly from now on.

I found learning Ear Candling enjoyable, easy to follow with the small hands on class. Now I can also take care of my children’s ears, Thanks Delamay.  

Delamay sent me some Reiki distant healing recently. I found it to be very powerful, positive experience which enhanced my wellbeing on every level- It was amazing: 

The Ear Candling Class was enjoyable, fun and comfortable on the ears. My ears feel great! 

A wonderful relaxing Head Massage. Delamay has a real gift, and healing hands.  

I’m quite a sceptic, and just came along with my partner, but I’m a convert! The reading was on the point with the current trail in my life. Thank you!      

I was amazed at how a Reiki session with Delamay made me feel both spiritually and physically, I found it so calming and relaxing. Having felt very stressed for some time, my Reiki session took care of that, the results lasted several days. When ever I’m in Christchurch I always make a Reiki appointment with Delamay. She has a lovely way about her, this adds to the way I feel when I leave after my Reiki appointment.

It has been a delight to meet Delamay. Our first meeting was at the Saturday Spiritual Expo, where she gave me a relaxing Indian Head Massage - which I would highly recommend….On our second meeting Delamay read my Tarot and introduced me to using a pendulum. Her reading was accurate and inspiring, and re-assured me that the path I have toyed with travelling down is the right one for me! Thank you x       

I was suffering from major back and hip pain and many things were becoming difficult such as getting out of my car – this was slow and painful. After my first Reiki session with Delamay not only could I get out of my car easily, but I was able to walk up the aisle at my wedding in high heel shoes a few days later without pain. I highly recommend Delamay whether you have pain or simply need to relax.

What a wonderful experience from start to finish. I felt so relaxed and hardly noticed the chatter in the back ground of the hall. Highly recommend this experience (Indian Head Massage).