It has been a delight to meet Delamay. Our first meeting was at the Saturday Spiritual Expo, where she gave me a relaxing Indian Head Massage - which I would highly recommend….On our second meeting Delamay read my Tarot and introduced me to using a pendulum. Her reading was accurate and inspiring, and re-assured me that the path I have toyed with travelling down is the right one for me! Thank you x       

What a wonderful experience from start to finish. I felt so relaxed and hardly noticed the chatter in the back ground of the hall. Highly recommend this experience (Indian Head Massage).  

Ear Massage given by Delamay is deeply relaxing, Indian Head Massage is invigorating. Both offer effective stress relief, thanks Delamay. 

Wow that was amazing. I feel light and free with having had the Indian Head Massage, I felt it right through my body.    Thank you 

I have had the honour of receiving an Ear Massage, Indian Head Massage, Channelling and Card readings from Delamay. Her eclectic therapeutic modalities, her gentle presence, soothing touch, intuitive insight and clear compassionate channelling and card reading all combine to provide a comprehensive, uplifting and hope-filled experience. I will definitely be visiting Delamay regularly from now on.

Running a busy events management business, it’s important to plan some time out for myself. I was delighted to find Delamay who provides me with the perfect solution. We meet on a beautiful beach all year round and she gives me a simulating and relaxing Indian Head Massage.I feel refreshed and ready to cope with everything in my business and as a mother and wife. I highly recommend Delamay.  

A wonderful relaxing Head Massage. Delamay has a real gift, and healing hands.  

Of all the Indian Head Massages I’ve had (I’m a big fan) Delamay's one is  definitely the best!